Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trio of Kale

I recently decided it was time to cleanse. Cleanse from the nightly chicken wings and pizza, cleanse from the midnight bacon egg and cheese and cleanse from the sports team worth of baked goods I was consuming. So I will take things slow and do totally vegan organic. I remember like two years ago trying this crazy cleanse that involves drinking charcoal five times a day, taking lots of pills and drinking droppers or putrid gag inducing liquids. I found the box in my closet that contained these two year old supplements and decided to give it another whirl. This time I will not include meat or booze on the cleanse, pretty extreme. I have a suspicion that the pills may have expired as they caused a really bad burning sensation in my chest and face, but oh well... I found that if I took them right before bed I typically wouldn't wake up from the burning.

I don't really understand vegan cooking, mostly because it lacks butter and bacon, but I want too. I am writing this retrospectively, and in the end I am so happy I did it, because it turns out there are loads of foods I've never heard of (CHIA SEEDS). I will be updating periodically, although as the trend currently stands, that's about once every five months.

Kale Chips!

These things are really good and easy. My theoretical children all named Owen will eat these instead of potato chips.

Basic recipe.

Kale washed and hella dried. like in a spinning drying contraption. Put a drizzle of olive oil on it and some salt. Rub it all around so each leaf is shiny but not soggy. Then make sure to separate each one and lay them flat on a cookie tray. Put them in the oven at 350 for 7 - 10 minutes. You should start sampling at 7 mins so they don't burn.

Yummy - since they kinda replace potato chips I decided to try teriyaki and salt and vinegar kale chips.


I added teritaki instead of oil on one batch and splashed some vinegar on the other. The vinegar didn't get to enough of the kale as I had hoped, and the teriyaki chips needed oil as well to make the sauce stick better. But it was good.

BTW - kale chips get really in your teeth.

Pictures will be provided.