Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ramen Meal

Ramen is really good. Not that fancy two dollar ramen, or homemade ramen, the $ 0.25 ramen. Preferably the Oriental flavor. I eat a lot of it so I've started adding egg whites and veggies and mother fucking everything else. curry powder? yes. adobo, soy sauce, garlic/onion powder, bay leaves, frozen pees, bacobits, tandorri flavoring yes yes yes yes.

2 cups water, boil, add noodles, cook 3 mins, add two egg whites (not the yolk because the yolk makes you fat) wait a minute, then stir. It will look like this for a little bit:

Don't let this overflow... scrubbing this shit off is like cleaning vomit out of a crocheted blanket. Add spinach, wilt and eat. I decided to add lime because I thought that might make it taste good. It doesn't. I think if I were to be truthful to myself, I added the lime because I really wanted Mexican food and in my mind, add lime and you have a fiesta in Cancun. It tasted like I was eating ramen that I added sour milk to. So I added hot sauce because that typically overpowers other flavors. And it did. So, no lime, no Franks, yes all spices and soy.

UPDATE: I tried to eat my week old stir fry but it tasted kinda off, so I added it to my ramen!! It was a really great learning experience about how to mask old food taste. I should have a show called how to eat on a budget... or maybe one called world's strongest stomach. This is one of those point in case situations to my whole not believing in food poisoning thing.

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