Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pea Soup Bread Bowl w/ Fish

I'm cooking dinner for my boyfriend Jeremy tonight and I want to make something that is delicious and that he will like. I know he likes bread bowls, but I don't want to make broccoli cheddar soup because it's not healthy and requires me shopping thereby getting dressed for the day and possibly missing a law and order. I've had a bag of peas for years in my cupboard because no one uses dried beans or peas (are peas beans?).

I added:

1 Onion
Too much Water
Bag of split peas
5 Cloves of Garlic
3 Seasoning packets by that company that does all the seasoning-- goya? something that was without anejo? annijase? I think it means without anchovies. Anejo is teqila? That would have made the soup better.
Two pinches Smoked Salt.

I boiled this all together for like two hours. I then added a tablespoon of baco bits. I would have added more, but I ate them all. I added a lot more salt and then let it boil out a bit. It was way too watery so I made a... coagulating substance. I added like 1/4 a cup corn starch which I combined with water before adding. It's called a roo.

I poured this in a par-baked sourdough boule.

During this time I was marinating four tilapia fillets in butter garlic salt and some herbs of sorts. When ready I put a bunch of lemon and more salt on them and baked them at 350 for like ten minutes.

Jeremy did not eat the fish. Regardless of my staring at his plate. But he did eat the soup after hesitation. Pea Soup in a bread bowl almost success!!


  1. i'm sure it's the smoked salt that made this dish...edible.

  2. True Story! Although I felt it was kinda a waste to use in soup... I like to eat the smoked salt plain. My friend and I ate it as an appetizer the other night. It was marvelous.