Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tom Kah Ramen Soup.

I fear with horror
Depletion of rice noodles
I have been hording

I was going to make plain tom kha gai, but I need space for new groceries.* I really like ramen and feel TKG is basically a broth that can be easily ramenized, in this case only if ramen was made with rice noodles.


1. Saute in sesame oil one onion, six garlic cloves, one cut up carrot and about one inch of grated ginger.
2. Pour in 1 box of chicken broth - I used organic by mistake. I hate organic chicken broth.
3. Add like three cups of water. I like quantity over quality.
4. I then added a stalk of lemon grass cut into 1.5 inch segments (large enough so people see them and do not choke and die. (people=me)).
5. Bring to Boil. 5.5 Add some more garlic. Because.

While I wait on this to boil I washed and cut up one small head of bok choy and sauteed it in sesame oil and soy sauce. I then turned it off. I brought one medium size pot of water to boil as well.

Back to the soup:
6. Add one can of light coconut milk and about half a lime worth of juice.
7. Bring to Boil.
8. Add thin small slices of chick.
9. Bring to Boil.
10. Once all cooked through turn off the stove and throw in some thin rice noodles. Stir them around and they will cook in like 5 minutes.

Then turn off the boiling water and give it a stir to cool it down a bit. Add a splash of vinegar and then poach an egg... I crack an egg into a tea cup and the slide it in. It takes about 3-4 minutes to cook and then you can scoop it up with a slitted spoon. Take out egg, lay it on soup. Reheat bok and put that on as well.

Tom Kah Gai Ramen

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