Friday, February 10, 2012

Miso-Truffle Asparagus over Italian-Soy Grits topped with a Poached Egg.

So I have decided to start this again. And start this off right. With a truffle-miso asparagus over Italian cheesy soy grits topped with a poached egg and roasted, maybe called fried, garlic.

I made this for three people and the rations were perfect. Perfect in the sense that they were the amount that people should eat and not in the sense of what people wanted to eat.

I tried doing something fancy which is slow poaching the eggs in their shell. To do this you are supposed to put the eggs in water that is 140-145 degrees (you should place either a baking rack or a steamer thing in the pot to put the eggs on so they don't touch the bottom of the pot). This is supposed to take 40 minutes. Bullshit bullshit and an hour twenty later no freaking eggs. I mean eggs, but just heated up versions of what they were before. So I freaked out a bit, fried some and then did my way of poaching eggs:

bring a pot of water to a boil. Put an egg in the pot. Wait a few minutes. Then pour everything into a strainer and don't give a shit about whether it looks cohesive.

For the grits I used slow cooking, ie 15 minutes instead of 5. I put about three cloves of minced garlic in with some herbs de provence (which after googling I discovered is not spelled herbs de provonce). This didn't taste too well because I hate herbs de provence. I hate saying it and I feel rediculous for typing it. I then decided it clearly needed soy sauce and miso, which would also make it compliment the asparagi.

2 cups water brought to boil with three minced cloves of garlic and herbs de provence
1 tblespn red miso
1 tblsspn butter
1/2 cup Grits
splash of low sodium soy
About a 1.5 inch cube of Monterrey Jack (cause that's all I had left)
sprinkle salt to make up for low sodium nature of salt.

Oven at 350
cut off bottom inch of asparagi and peel the bottom inch that's left - only really if you have some thick ass asparagus like I did.
Line cookie sheet with aluminum then lay out asparagus.
Drizzle (read coat) with truffle oil and two - 100 minced garlic cloves, some salt and bake for like 15 minutes +/- for thickness of asapargus - don't over cook because asparagus without a crunch is stupid.

Put everything on the plate. I topped the poached egg with the remaining garlic that was on the pan with the asparagus.

Ok, so the picture looks disgusting - I probably should have taken the picture before I stabbed away at the egg. But this was one of the better things I have ever made.

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