Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegetarian Lentil Gazpacho

I just had drinks with my biggest supporter of this food blog, my brother. As we sat there, him with his hot toddy, and me with my tequila and soda with pickle juice and hot sauce (totally awesome), I told him that at last I am starting the blog again. So starting it in fact, that I already started it a few days ago. I told him about the truffle asparagus on miso grits and a poached egg and he seemed so impressed that he was totally unimpressed. "That sounds good" he said almost disappointedly. Well this entry is for him. Although I have to say, this 'dish', not totally bad.

I was moving out of my apartment which I shared with five people into a normal person apartment. As I was finishing my packing I realized how hungry I was. I had already eaten all of the year old halloween candy from one of my roommates and had desimated my other roommates ramen supply so I decided to go deep into my old cubbord.

There was a can of lentil soup. Perf. I'll make lentil soup. Except it wasn't so much lentil soup as lentils in a can. Close enough.


Open lentil can
Pour in bacobits
Add more bacobits

I suppose you could heat it... I decided on more of a gazpacho brand. And if you really want to get fancy you could even use a bowl - but I had packed all those. Besides the can feels more rustic. Like camping.. maybe as I'm broke as hell I'll compare everything to being like camping... I like not having heat or toilet paper, like camping...

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