Monday, April 2, 2012

Matzo Ball Borscht

I made borscht tonight. I won't give a recipe because it is borscht. put some beets and things in it. I feel like that is enough. It was not very good borscht that I made tonight. It had no meat in it... I care for my vegetarian roommate. I suggested putting baco bits in it, but my roommate said that was a bad idea. I then suggested putting in some BBQ sauce, but again, she said no. Apparently the borscht she got in Greenpoint had a sweet taste. She suggested sugar. I used sugar. But then IT TASTED SUGARY. SO STUPID IS MY ROOMMATE.* Anyways. I won't include a recipe but I will say don't put sugar in it.

I decided to make matozo, matza machhhhtzoshevitzchhhh borscht. So I made matzo balls and put them in. In the balls I putt dill -- too many Ts in that word putt but I'm ok with that, I putt dill inside of the matzo balls.

This soup was ok. I ended up adding a boy-on-cube. which I wanted to avoid since otherwise the soup was so healthy and natural and whole foods (the store not the food trend) based. but that artificial, high sodium, eight year old powder was delicious. I gotsa say. the matzo balls were delicious in the beet soup. I ate all of them.

For dessert I had ice cream. there was something chewy in it which I imagine in actuality was some runaway dill. but I've had a lot of vodka** so I'm of the mindset that it could be a spider leg. I assume everything is part of a terantuala after a movie which caused childhood trauma.

Me: Liz, how do you spell terrantula?
Lis- tah-ran-two-la
Me: no really, not phonetics
Liz t-a-r-a-blahlha
Me: I lost you after tara.
Liz: ugh, t-a-r-a-n-t-u-l-a. I'm an excellent speller.

* she is not stupid, I Love her dearly.

** It's infused vodka so totally appropriate.

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