Monday, April 16, 2012

Yuzu & Shiso Leaf Soup with Tofu Noodles.

Some girls like to take all their classy upbringing and go shopping at Louie Vouton. I on the other hand always thought the logo was XL for extra large and the name was spelled Vouton. For me, my favorite thing is to splurge on is Japanese food. I guess it's not so much a splurge as a 1/16 of a L.V. keychain, but whateves.

I take the potentially life threatening freight elevator up to the sunrise market and feel like Augustus Gloop. It is better than anything ever.

I bought these things, plus other things:

Originally I was going to make soba noodles with some shiso leaf, or cook up the shishito pepers and eat seaweed and bean sprouts but then I decided I want to make something great. So I made a soup with everything* from my shopping included and very little left out.

First I cooked the tofu noodles which smelled like a very dead fish's mold bowl - a smell I am familiar with as I had a dead fish from 7th - 10th grade. I think my mom was teaching me a lesson about taking care of things and cleaning things. I took it as a lesson in tolerance to smells. One nice thing is that the directions basically apologized for the odor. However, apology not accepted.

I then heated up some cups of water, added the miso I've been stealing from my roommate, threw in some enoki mushrooms (which I read after eating you are supposed to clean or soak or something for ten minutes - whoops, it happens), soy sauce, garlic, yuzu, shiso leafs and seaweed. It was ok. What I really liked was the yuzu and shisho leaf together. Not so much the tofu noodles. I feel like I've had them before and really liked them. Perhaps I was focusing too much on figuring out how to describe their texture for the sake of this blog that I started grossing myself out (I came up with a combination of a slug and cartilage).

* Every time I see the word everything, which is every day, I get so bitter someone already acted on my idea that was going to be my retirement fund. Everything.

**I love shishito peppers. I also like that they are getting more play in nyc menus, not as much as bacon brussel sprouts which I think are becoming as common as the option of sparkling or tap, but still more. I like to order them from ippudo so I can eat the yuzu salt. With my finger as a utensil and saliva as a cohesive I can clean out the salt bowl in seconds.

DRINK PAIRING NOTE. I put some yuzu into my Stella (I found it in my fridge, I didn't buy it, so no judging) and it was awesome! Yuzu beer. Done.

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