Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old Bay Chocolates

So my brother is having a lobster dinner (donate to him) for a good cause. He asked me to make a dessert. However, he rejected some of my ideas:

Lemon flavored icing on crab cupcakes

Old bay/lemon icing on chocolate cupcakes

Butter flavored icing (like popcorn butter) on old bay cupcakes

So I told him I would make vanilla /vanilla cupcakes because that sounds better and I make freaking ridiculously delicious yet boring vanilla cupcakes (it's all in the room temperature butter/eggs). However, I did not say I would not garnish the fuck out of the cup cakes.

I am trying to make old bay lobster chocolates. So far my roommate says they taste terrible. But 1. she does not like old bay and 2. she is sober. I'm hoping by the end of the meal 1. she won't be there and 2. everytone will be drunk.

Apparently you are not supposed to mix chocolate with butter. so don't do that. They do not combine. Just double boil and melt the chocolate and pour them in the mold. I did this. With some mfing overpriced chocolate. stir in some old bay and cayanne pepper while melting and you have whatever the hell I made. It kinda taste like good chocolate with an old bay after taste. I honestly don't know if it is disgusting or awesome. No idea. I'm going to take them to a bar tonight and see what people of my caliber say.

I tried first to make pink claws with butter (again doesn't work) mixed with white chocolate and beet juice (red coloring).

They crumbled and failed:

this failed and crumbled. So I remelted the chocolate chocolate (white chocolate is not real chocolate) and poured them again in the mold. A bit better, but again, may taste terrible. Tomorrow I will try again.

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  1. End result was amazing. Perfect balance of old bay and semi-sweet. I am ready to try butter icing on old bay cupcakes.