Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ol' Bay Chocolates

So I forgot to update on the whole old bay chocolate thing. I remembered today while eating what turned out not to be oyster shooters but oyster sliders at Penrose. They were delicious. Even more delicious than if they were placed in beer with cocktail sauce, which is saying a lot because I love things in beer.**** Not that that has anything to do with the chocolates, just a side note. Another side note is that my sister-in-law beat Muhammad Ali's daughter's time in the triathlon today.

**** when googling food dipped in beer I came across this. Maybe later she can become a spokes person for beer ruptured colons.

Anyways here are some pictures of the old bay chocolates. They turned out pretty delicious and way better than the original batch. Trick is not just dumping things in things and calling it a day. Letting the old bay cook in the chocolate made the flavors combine and be present all the way through - you know, instead of chocolate, chocolate, OLD BAY.

Another trick... Don't place the chocolates in the freezer to harden because you are impatient and pretending you are busy (for me this means Sons of Anarchy to watch). They are impossible to take out this way. Putting them in the fridge makes them pop out quite easily. Bet there's some cooking chemistry in there.

This is me being very serious about my chocolate placing and clearly not wanting help.

This is the finished product - what you can't see is the mound of left over chocolates. I made five time the required amount to compensate for the 100% break rate I was facing before I realized you should cool chocolates in the fridgerator.

Btwz - if you go to Penrose I suggest the pickle martini because it is delicious. My only mistake was not ordering it by the pint.

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