Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Booze with Things

So I decided along the lines of things that are easy to do with little brain power and little standing up I would infuse some booze. I bought gin and vodka cause those seem like good easy starters for mass infusion. Now simply put, infusing is just putting things in things. But, just cause two things seem like they would combine well, or even just adequetely, does not mean that they will taste remotely paletable. Here is what I made.

The most obvious one, the cucumber gin, was delightful. I left them in for about two days and then strained them out. You can kinda taste test as you go.

My favorite was actually the cucumber cilantro gin. This with some seltzer and lime.. BAM.

But then there were the others... Lemongrass and rosemary together in vodka taste like cleaning product. I don't mean tasted like a cleaning product smells, but tastes like they taste - my parents did not have child proof cleaning cabinets.

When I made the horseradish vodkas I tried them after five minutes and thought they tasted horseradhishy enough. But I decided to let them stay over night. My nose hair, which I never had because I'm a lady, all caught on fire. But here I was with two huge containers of horseracid vodka. I tried diluting with a 1 to 20 ratio but nothing worked. So if I were to redo it I would just dip it in.*

So not a total success. Which is ok. Because eventually it will lead to total success.

Roommate: "Remember when these were all full? I miss that day."

* I was going to insert a video of greens being blanched to illustrate dipping something into something, but then ended up watching Blanche Devereux mash ups. Good day at the office.

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