Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is really good. It kinda taste like a milk shake? Ice cream soda?


But do not combine like the picture shows because that leads to foam, and milky foam does not taste good. Also, ignore the shitty nail polish and loosies and take note of the organic (healthy) and wine glass (classy).

If you are an adult, you can make the following - a drink that got me through many mornings of college - the...

White Trash White Russian.

Rum (this should ALWAYS be Barcardi Light)

Why is this the perfect college drink? Because in communal frigerators someone always has milk that you can "borrow"* and there is usually a near by soda machine.

*unless they put poisonous face lotion in their milk to "make a point". That guy was such a mother fucking asshole.

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