Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stir Fry Wasabi Rice

There's a bunch of Norwegian people coming to my house for dinner. I do not know what Norwegian people eat. All I know is that they are really fashionable and better than us.

I was going to make paella, except after buying what I imagined the ingredients to be I realized I don't actually know what paella is. Also, who wants to eat paella. I have never said, you know what I feel like eating tonight? Paella. Or- Oh good! They have paella here. Never. Never those words. I think one time someone I was with ordered paella and I thought it was lame. So I scratched that idea. Furthermore, my momma informed me that I cannot substitute other orange spices for saffron. So it's a no go.

I am making a stir fry because that shit is easy. I'm going to make a throw everything in style stir fry with wasabi rice.

Sesame Oil
- Sautee like four cloves of garlic, one onion and about an inch of fresh ginger for like 5 mins.
- Add Broccoli for like 6 mins and splash in some soy sauce
- Add chicken, half a red pepper, some mushrooms and a bit more garlic for like 3 mins with teriyaki sauce
- Add the rest of the pepper and mushrooms

I love my soy sauce.

With the food, just keep adding stuff. The yummy part was the rice. Kind of. It at least wasn't a bad part.

It's pretty self explanatory, but really adds good to stir fry. Make the rice according to directions and add wasabi paste. I made two cups of rice - as in two dry cups and 4 cups o water. I added a tablespoon of wasabi because I don't know how tough Noriges are. Do they eat spicy things? I hear they eat whale, so probably. I wonder if they have stir fry in Norway. I wonder if they have Chinese food! Do they like The Fine Young Cannibals? (EVERYONE LIKES THE FYC) So many questions.

Off to the Russian bath house!

This was taken the day after a night sitting in the fridge. Imagine the food more vibrant and fresh.

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