Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maple Snow Syrup

There were massive feets of snow all around New York. I went to Prospect Park and had a very lovely day. I went with the goal of building a snowman and making snow based treats. I have some vague, clear, possibly fabricated memory of eating maple syrup hardened on snow in my backyard. I decided to try and recreate this.

Maple Treat:
Compact snow so it is not so fluffy, but not so compounded that you are eating earth. Pour syrup.

This one was not compacted snow. And it looks like poo.

This one I made. It is a portrait.

This one I did not make. It is really beautiful.

Eat snow syrup. I was hoping it would turn into toffee or chewy maple caramel. Nope. It was cold cheap Jemima. You should bring a spoon with you. Luckily, although I didn't plan ahead, I typically carry around old dirty silverware. To Clean: Swish it in snow (similar to water). This guy walked by making jokes about how we were doing something ridiculous, like what his kids would do. Don't be such a grownup dude.

While in the park I also "made" a evil bird turtle snow thing with a smoldering artist.

Making snow creatures is actually easier if you just steal big balls o snow from snowmen previously made and abandoned...

UPDATE - I did it wrong. You are supposed to heat up the syrup and then pour it on snow. That's too much of a project. In fact, the way I did it was probably still too much work. Next time, eat snow and then pour syrup in mouth.

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